We also assist in the application for personalised number plates.
There are three different types of personal number plates.
The first one is a Personalised Number of between 1 and 3 characters i.e. GTS GP, 123 GP, 1 GP, AA GP.
Their registration fee is R4812.00.
The second one is a Personalised Number of between 4 and 7 characters i.e. SUPER GP, LADY42 GP, 2FAST4U GP, with these numbers the possibilities are endless.
Their registration fee is R2784.00.
The third and last option is a Special Number, these are the same as the older 3 letter 3 number, number plates but you get to choose your own numbers and you can swop around the letters and numbers. i.e. 123ABC GP, FUN 001 GP, 007GUY GP.
Their registration fee is R852.00.
There is also a fee of R180.00 to allocate the number to your vehicle of choice.

PLEASE NOTE: All above fees are payable to the Department of Transport for the registration and allocation of the personalised number plate. These fees do not include the number plates themselves or our service fee.
Our service fee to register your personalised number at the Department of Transport in Johannesburg is R360. The service fee for the allocation of the personalised number depends on the local registration authority i.e. Ekurhuleni is R200, Johannesburg is R360. The license on the motor vehicle must also be paid Pro-rata upon the allocation of the Personalised number.