Read below to find out everything you need to know about number plates.

Gateway Test Station cc is approved and registered with The SABS(South African Bureau of Standards)
and The Gauteng Provincial Government as a embosser and fitment centre of number plates.

All number plates are embossed on site, according to SABS standards while you wait and the whole process takes no longer than 10minutes.

All perspex and acrylic number plates have been phased out. According to the Gauteng Provincial Government a vehicles license number must
be displayed on a  metal plate, to be referred to as a number plate and which complies with standard specification SABS 1116: "Retro-reflective
Registration Plates for Motor Vehicles"

As with all products you get your superior and your "inferior" products. We emboss on the best quality blanks(Non-paint aluminium). As with painted
blank these non-painted aluminium plates are weather resistant and they won't fade, delaminate or bubble.

Number Plates come in four different sizes.

Although vehicles registered on or after  1 January 2010 may only display number plates of the following size

A 440mmx120mm may be fitted to vehicles registered before 1 January 2010.

Furthermore all vehicles registered on or after 1 July 2011 must have their number plates fitted by pop
riveting them to the vehicle or by means of one way screws.

Please note that if your vehicle does not comply with the above the owner of the vehicle will be in
contravention of the National Road Traffic act. This contravention may lead to the Motor Vehicle being
declared un-roadworthy and the owner of the vehicle will be fined accordingly by the authorities.